“Music doesn’t lie
If there is something to be changed in the world,
Then it can only happen through music.”

– Jimi Hendrix

Special Memories – Fan Page

You sing like an angel and your spirit warms my heart.


Thank you for all the joy you bring with your beautiful singing.


Your singing gives my goose bumps, goose bumps.


You sing from your heart and it goes straight to my heart.


You make every person in the audience feel special.


Your phrasing is impeccable.


Your smile and personality are infectious.


No matter what kind of day I’m having your singing always makes it better.


You have a gift and you use it well.


Your voice is so smooth I felt like I was listening to water colors.


The favorite part of our week is listening to you sing at Unos on Sundays!


I can’t help but have a good time because I can see that you’re having a good time.


You don’t just sing with your voice you sing with your entire body!

You put your heart into every song you sing.


You have a beautiful voice and wonderful stage presence.


I can hear some Nancy Wilson influence in your singing.


Listening to you sing relaxes me and bring my blood pressure way down.


Anybody can sing the lyrics to a song, but what makes you special is that you tell a story with every song you sing.

You have so much joy in you that it just oozes out all over the place!


I’ve heard your name many times before but I’ve never heard you sing, after hearing you tonight I am a fan, it’s like listening to honey if that’s possible.

I got some bad medical news yesterday but your singing made my day.


You sang at the cocktail hour of our wedding in 2008. We really enjoyed you and people who attended are still talking about it.


A July 10, 2008 note, left for me by Fotiona, a U-Conn music student reads as follows:

You have great addictive energy! Love your attitude about life and people! Wonderful to hear and be around you! Thank you for allowing me to sit and talk with you! 

Respectfully submitted,



I love the way you sing everything, but you sang the hell out of “A Sunday Kind of Love.” I’ve never heard anybody sing it like that.


We had such a good time last night listening to you sing. All of my group was so impressed with you, and couldn’t stop talking about you. They all want to come back again and again.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can’t wait to hear you sing again!

Hi Ethel,

My husband and I agree that the most romantic day we’ve ever had in our 21 years together was when he “kidnapped” me on a mystery date, and brought me to Acqua last year to hear you sing. Your trio was outstanding! We were going to repeat the date when I just found out Acqua closed. We’re heartbroken, but hope to catch you in another performance. I will keep checking your calendar for upcoming fall dates, and I just signed up for your mailing list. Can’t wait to hear you sing again.


Referring to a July 12, 2013 West Springfield summer concert performance Tony DiGiore, who booked the concert wrote: 

EVERYONE leaving the concert last night said it was a “NEW YORK EXPERIENCE IN MUSIC”, about your fantastic performance! Let’s do it again next year.


You have always been wonderful but now you have truly evolved. Big E performance at New England Center, September 21, 2018


I never met you before today, but I really enjoyed your singing very much, and I have to tell you, I can see the light of God shining right through you!

“Your smile is your logo,
Your personality is your business card,
How you leave others feeling after an experience with you
Becomes your trademark.”

– Unknown